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# SetJS
[![Build Status][2]][3]
A basic implementation of the `Set` data structure in Javascript. In case you don't know what a `Set` is, I'll quote [Wikipedia][1]...
> A set is an abstract data structure that can store certain values, without any particular order, and no repeated values.
The `BasicSet` in SetJS supports values of type `Number` or `String`.
Fork it on [GitHub][2]
### Syntax
......@@ -58,4 +58,5 @@ var set = new BasicSet(1,'2',[2.5,'c'],'d',5.0); // {1,'2',2.5,'c','d',5.0}
[1]: "Set (abstract data type)"
[2]: "SetJS Repository"
[2]: "Build Status"
[3]: "SetJS Builds"
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