Commit 704e8386 authored by Chris's avatar Chris

Enable the filetype plugin

parent ef4d74c7
......@@ -13,13 +13,14 @@ set smartindent " Let vim help with indentation
set nowrap " Do not wrap lines longer than the window
set linebreak " Wrap long lines on whitespace instead of mid-word
set scrolloff=5 " Minimum number of lines to keep above/below the cursor
syntax enable " Syntax highlighting
set backspace=2 " Make Backspace work like you expect
set formatoptions+=ro " Automatically insert the comment character when you
" hit <Enter> (r) or o/O (o) in a comment block
set showbreak=└\ " Prefix wrapped continuation lines with '└ '
set commentstring=#%s " The default comment style for line comments
let mapleader='\' " The <leader> key for key maps
syntax enable " Syntax highlighting
filetype plugin on " Enable the filetype plugin
" Tab options
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