Commit 8dbf4ce1 authored by Chris's avatar Chris

Extract the Markdown settings into a plugin

parent cc3175f5
setlocal wrap
" Set a custom commentstring for the modeline
let b:ml_commentstring = '[_modeline]: # (%s )'
......@@ -106,7 +106,6 @@ autocmd FileType gitconfig setlocal commentstring=;%s
autocmd FileType go setlocal commentstring=//%s
autocmd FileType html setlocal commentstring=<!--%s-->
autocmd FileType less setlocal commentstring=/*%s*/
autocmd FileType markdown setlocal wrap commentstring=[_modeline]:\ #\ (%s\ )
autocmd FileType php setlocal commentstring=//%s
autocmd FileType plsql setlocal commentstring=--%s
autocmd FileType sass setlocal commentstring=//%s
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