Commit eee694cf authored by Chris's avatar Chris

Add a space to the commentstring

parent 8dbf4ce1
setlocal commentstring=#%s
setlocal commentstring=#\ %s
" Make vim turn *off* expandtab for Make files. We need the tab literal
setlocal noexpandtab
setlocal wrap
" Set a custom commentstring for the modeline
let b:ml_commentstring = '[_modeline]: # (%s )'
let b:ml_commentstring = '[_modeline]: # ( %s )'
setlocal commentstring=#%s
setlocal commentstring=#\ %s
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ set backspace=2 " Make Backspace work like you expect
set formatoptions+=ro " Automatically insert the comment character when you
" hit <Enter> (r) or o/O (o) in a comment block
set showbreak=└\ " Prefix wrapped continuation lines with '└ '
set commentstring=#%s " The default comment style for line comments
set commentstring=#\ %s " The default comment style for line comments
let mapleader='\' " The <leader> key for key maps
syntax enable " Syntax highlighting
filetype plugin on " Enable the filetype plugin
......@@ -93,24 +93,24 @@ nnoremap <leader>ml :call AppendModeline()<CR>
function! AppendModeline()
" Prefer b:ml_commentstring if it is set, otherwise use commentstring
let l:commentstring = get(b:, 'ml_commentstring', &commentstring)
let l:modeline = printf(l:commentstring, printf(" vi: set ts=%d sw=%d %set %sft=%s:", &ts, &sw, &et ? '' : 'no', &wrap ? 'wrap ' : '', &ft))
let l:modeline = printf(l:commentstring, printf("vi: set ts=%d sw=%d %set %sft=%s:", &ts, &sw, &et ? '' : 'no', &wrap ? 'wrap ' : '', &ft))
call append(line("$"), l:modeline)
" Filetype specific settings
autocmd FileType diff setlocal noet
autocmd FileType dot setlocal commentstring=//%s
autocmd FileType dns setlocal commentstring=;%s
autocmd FileType gitconfig setlocal commentstring=;%s
autocmd FileType go setlocal commentstring=//%s
autocmd FileType html setlocal commentstring=<!--%s-->
autocmd FileType less setlocal commentstring=/*%s*/
autocmd FileType php setlocal commentstring=//%s
autocmd FileType plsql setlocal commentstring=--%s
autocmd FileType sass setlocal commentstring=//%s
autocmd FileType sql setlocal commentstring=--%s
autocmd FileType vim setlocal commentstring=\"%s
autocmd FileType dot setlocal commentstring=//\ %s
autocmd FileType dns setlocal commentstring=;\ %s
autocmd FileType gitconfig setlocal commentstring=;\ %s
autocmd FileType go setlocal commentstring=//\ %s
autocmd FileType html setlocal commentstring=<!--\ %s\ -->
autocmd FileType less setlocal commentstring=/*\ %s\ */
autocmd FileType php setlocal commentstring=//\ %s
autocmd FileType plsql setlocal commentstring=--\ %s
autocmd FileType sass setlocal commentstring=//\ %s
autocmd FileType sql setlocal commentstring=--\ %s
autocmd FileType vim setlocal commentstring=\"\ %s
autocmd FileType yaml,ansible setlocal tabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 softtabstop=2
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